Using Natural & Lifestyle Based Approaches to Manage Diabetes

Final Research Proposal (50 points)

Description and requirements:

How does this all come together into a research proposal?

This step brings all the other steps together in one narrative report, filling in the gaps between them, generating a thoughtful paper about the literature, your ideas, and your proposed project. Your full proposal should outline the current problem, explain the background and why your project matters, detail your methods for answering your question, and provide a “wish list” of what you hope to discover.

Bring Steps 2-5 together, including final revisions (after instructor and peer comments) of all the previous steps, roughly in order of the way we’ve done them.

· The big work is turning Step 2 into a narrative, rather than a table form. You should be able to summarize and relate the literature into 1-1.5 pages. You have already done some of this through Step 3 (gaps and significance).

· You do not need to include Step 1, although you may use some language from it in your final proposal.

· Finally, draw everything together and edit it to flow in a single narrative, from beginning to end. Tell the story of your research project as clearly as possible!

· Your proposal will end with the Gantt chart.

· Use bolding, underlining, and/or italics to delineate sections (e.g., methods, aims, significance, etc.).


Length: The proposal should be approximately 1,500-2,400 words (including what you’ve already written!), excluding the reference list and Gantt chart. Include an interesting & specific title.