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Nurse Practitioner Modernization Action

Reply 1 Brown 3 postsRe: Topic 4 DQ 2 Nurse advocacy is essential in improving our profession and health care. This is because nurses can take part in political actions and advocacy to improve practice. One of the issues that nurse advocacy has played a role in the New York state is full practice autonomy for […]

vision of the ideal health care system

vision of the ideal health care system Discussion Question Topics- from Learning by Experience and Reflection: · Develop your vision of the ideal health care system. · List some of the characteristics that constitute such a system. What would be the goal or goals of your ideal system? · Think about how you would go […]

issue and the cultural assessment

issue and the cultural assessment Review your problem or issue and the cultural assessment. Consider how the findings connect to your topic and intervention for your capstone change project. Write a list of three to five objectives for your proposed intervention. Below each objective, provide a one or two sentence rationale. After writing your objectives, […]

Nurse E-Portfolio

In this mid-course entry into your Nurse E-Portfolio for this course, you continue to have opportunities for reflective practice. In this entry you deepen your understanding and awareness of nutrition. Using the e-portfolio format, answer the following questions. Make sure you spend some time thinking about the answers to these questions before writing. In the […]

Mass Incarceration as a Public Health Issue

Mass Incarceration as a Public Health Issue Would Approaching Mass Incarceration as a Public Health Issue Improve Health Outcomes for The Mentally Ill? From a Future Nurse’s Prospective May 5th, 2021 Name Institution Origin of Injustice: Mass Incarceration In this section you are going to give a brief history of your injustice. Not more than a […]

Risk Management

HSA 4502-Risk Management HW Assignment# 1 Chapter 2 1. Explain Peer Review Privilege Statutes 2. Describe Quality Monitoring Initiatives 3. What is the Theory of Corporate Negligence? 4. What is Early Warnings for Litigation? 5. Describe a Post-Event Management & Media Relations   Chapter 4 1. Describe the Risk Management Department from Figure 4-2. List […]

Renal Disorders

Renal Disorders Overview Activity Function of the Kidneys and Urinary System (starting on p 1551) 1. What are the main functions of the kidneys? 2. During urine formation, which two substances should be reabsorbed and not excreted in the urine? 3. What two major electrolytes do the kidneys help regulate? 4. What is the role […]

Childhood psychosis

PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW 4 REFERENCES ZERO PLAGIARISM Childhood psychosis is extremely rare; however, children that present with psychosis must be carefully assessed and evaluated with appropriate interviewing of parent, child, and use of assessment tools. For this Assignment, as you examine the client case study in this week’s Learning Resources, consider how you […]

Frequent Detox readmissions

Recommend a quality or safety initiative that addresses a shortfall in quality and/or safety. (Frequent Detox readmissions) in your current precepted experience environment (or simulation). Include the principles of quality improvement, health care policy, ethical and legal considerations, cost-effectiveness and means to monitor the initiative over time. The paper needs to be between 5-8 pages in […]

The factors that affect fertility (STDs).

In  this Week  you will have a case study. For this case study, you will examine a case study and analyze the symptoms presented. You will identify the elements that may be factored in the diagnosis, and you will explain the implications to patient health. If your last name starts with A-M, please discuss this […]