Trident University International Personality And Behavioral Patterns Discussion

Are you familiar with some of the psychologists and main theories within psychology, it is time to apply the viewpoints of Humanistic, Cognitive, Psychoanalytic and Behavioral Psychology, which are some of the broadest and most widely used theories in psychology. For this case study you will look at an event through the lenses of these psychologists.

School violence is a terrible tragedy that has affected many children…One of the most infamous events was the shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado in 1999. This involved two students who killed 13 ppl and then killed themselves. Most recently there was the tragedy at Newtown Connecticut in which 26ppl were killed.

Dr. Humine, is a humanistic psychologist, Dr. Cogent is a Cognitive pshychologist, and Dr. Bean is a Behavioral psychologist, and Dr. Freed is a psychologists. Your assignment is to describe how 3 of these psychologists might view school violence from their specific psychological perspective. Your paper should show the lens in which these psychologists see their behavior, and also address potential treatment options to try and prevent further instances of violence…

Your paper should be 4-5pages and included 3 of the 4 approaches and 4-6 references