Prof. Dan

The student will choose a key term from chapters 1 or 2 and write about an experience the student has had in relation to this concept.

Choose a concept that is relevant to an experience in your life and write about those experiences. So do not write about how a concept could relate to your life, write about how it has related to your life (past tense). To receive the full credit, the responses need to be respectful to your classmates, thoughtful, well written (spelling, grammar, etc.,), understandable, relevant, between 100 and 150 words (no more, no less), and concise (no fluff). I urge you not to choose a general term found in normal conversation, (i.e. “Learning”, “Stress” or “Memory”) – words found in the title of a chapter. You need to include somewhere in the title area, the key term and the chapter and page number in the text from which term was taken. I will grade depending on these factors. These assignments, too, have deadlines and can be found on the calendar. A “0” will be earned if not submitted by the deadline. Do not wait until the last minute to do this. Through experience, I am able to recognize if the response is hastily thrown together, and grades are usually reflective of this.