The Hallway Incident Medical Coders Questions

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Capstone Video: The Hallway Incident

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>> Oh, no. Oh, my God. Sir? Sir, can you hear me? Can you hear me, sir? Oh, my God.

>> Is he okay? Did you see what happened?

>> No, he slipped. He won’t open his eyes.

>> Are you a nurse?

>> No, I’m a coder.

>> Should we get one?

>> Hey. Hey you. Are you a doctor?

>> Can you believe him? Okay.

>> Sir?

>> Call the ER. Tell them we have an emergency in the lobby.

>> Okay. I’ll go do that. Is he bleeding?

>> Go. Are you okay, sir?

>> Oh, my head.

>> Oh, no. He’s bleeding. Okay. Tell them that he’s bleeding from the head. Okay. Sir, just — the doctor’s on the way. Okay. Just remain calm. Lie still. Okay. You’re going to be fine. Just stay down and lie still.

>> Hospitals are healthcare facilities. Should someone fall or become injured anywhere on hospital grounds, all staff, not just doctors and nurses, have a responsibility to respond to the injured party whether it’s a visitor, a patient, or even another hospital employee. Any healthcare facility should have an established system of communication so that help can be summoned in just such an emergency. Typically the PA system is used for this. In most cases, different codes are utilized to alert facility personnel to the nature of the emergency such as a fire, a fall, a security breach, and so on. This allows the right people to respond appropriately and immediately. There should also be an administrative policy maintained on both the codes and for incident reporting. The HI department, like any other department, needs to maintain the policies applicable to them, usually within a policy and procedure manual. Now this particular incident didn’t seem life-threatening once the visitor woke up and became alert. Even so, all the precautions must take place. Your facility needs a policy for completing an incident or injury report immediately after it occurs. And any employee or employees who witnessed the incident must fill out an incident report. If anyone on the hospital staff witnesses an incident and fails to respond appropriately, disciplinary measures should be taken. These measures too should be outlined in the hospital’s incident reporting policy.