Patient with Asthma Case Study Questions

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Case Study(1)

An A 53-year-old gentleman with a background of asthma on long-term low dose inhaled corticosteroid inhaler had an acute exacerbation of his asthma in February 2020 triggered by a viral upper respiratory tract infection and acute sinusitis and was managed with bronchodilator nebulization and a 7-day the course of oral prednisone 30 mg daily. He made an uneventful recovery and proceeded to travel to Austria. During his stay in Austria, he had a high fever, sore throat, dry cough, severe wheezing, worsening dyspnoea and he was not feeling any better and had ongoing fever and cough

According to the above case answer the following questions :

  1. What is the likely diagnosis of this case? Define it and list its possible causes, mode of transmission, and clinical manifestations?
  2. Is this patient has risk factors for the disease? If yes, write them down along with other possible risk factors of the disease?
  3. What are the alarming features when evaluating a patient with this disease?
  4. What are the protective measures against this disease?