Purdue Automation of Health Information & Human Anatomy & Physiology

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HI150 Automation of Health Information


A data dictionary for healthcare is used to standardize definitions and ensure the information collected is consistent. The data elements include the field name which is the assigned number for each patient who is provided a service; the field definition which has the time the patient was discharged; the field length refers to the account number for the patient which is 10 digits and, the element value that identifies the type of insurance the patient uses (Kavanaugh, Sayles, 2018).

Examples of text data elements would be the name of the patient, clinical staff providing services, medications and SOAP notes completed by the physician. Some of the information that would have a date would be the age of the patient, the patient identification number, a phone number, and the dosage of medication(s) to name a few. The data element I would recommend would be allergies or drug sensitivities that a patient has. This information would be helpful throughout the patient’s care. The data element I recommend can have three fields, drugs, foods or materials, like latex, which is often used in the care of patients.