Department of Applied Health Sciences

College Health & Human Services

Indiana State University

AHS 630-301: Culminating Project (Summer 2020)

Instructor: Olabode Ayodele, MPH, PhD, CHES

Email٭: Olabode.Ayodele@indstate.edu

Office: Arena A-461

Phone: 812- 237-3949

Virtual Office Hours(EST): T & R:11-12pm or by appointment

*Note: Email is the preferred method for contacting me, although you are welcome to call during office hours. Anticipate that it might take up to 24 hours to get an email reply Monday through Friday. No promises are made regarding email replies over the weekend.

Required Materials: There are no required materials.

Course Description

Under the guidance of faculty, the student will complete a culminating project.

Learning objectives:

After the course, students should be able to:

1. Integrate public health concepts, principles and methods with reference to a particular health problem or issue

2. Apply analytic skills to current knowledge and research on the selected health problem or issue

3. Apply knowledge and original thinking about solutions and/or recommendations to the particular public health problem or issue

4. Demonstrate professional written and oral communication skills through the final paper and project poster presentation.

NCHEC Competencies Learning Objectives Assignments
2.2 Develop goals and objectives 1, 2, 3, 4 Project Proposal
2.3 Select or design strategies/interventions 1, 2, 3, 4 Project Report
2.5 Address factors that influence implementation of health education/promotion 1, 2, 3, 4 Project Report

The Culminating Project:

The Culminating Project (CP) should be completed at the end of the program after completing all required courses for the Public Health Program. Students will synthesize and integrate knowledge acquired in coursework and apply theory and principles to a real life situation. Student will identify a health problem or issue that can be addressed throughout the semester. After a project has been agreed on, the student will submit a proposal to the internship faculty. The faculty has to approve the project proposal before ANY work on the project can be completed. Topics may include program development, needs assessment, strategic planning, policy development and/or implementation, etc.

Example of projects include:

· Program evaluation of existing health-related program

· Program planning for health promotion and/or fundraising

· Draft a series of health-related policy briefs to share with policy makers

· Develop interactive, multi-media software program related to health promotion

· Cost-effectiveness/cost-benefit analysis of health program

· Meta-analysis of health-related research

· Community or agency needs assessment

· Secondary data analysis

· Health promotion/education curriculum development

All projects must address at least two of the Public Health core competencies:

1. Evidence-based Approaches to Public Health

1. Public Health & Health Care Systems

1. Planning & Management to Promote Health

1. Policy in Public Health

1. Leadership

1. Communication

1. Inter-professional Practice

1. Systems Thinking

Project Proposal Instructions:

Students will submit a concise project proposal for approval. If the project is modified after it has been started, the proposal must be updated and approved by the faculty. The culminating project proposal should describe what you will do for the project and whether your project is best described as community assessment program planning program evaluation grant proposal or secondary data analysis . The proposal should include the following elements:

Project Description:

1. Describe the broad objective or purpose of the project.

2. Indicate which of the four culminating project options best describes your proposed project.

4. Depending on the project option you have chosen, state your specific research questions, evaluation questions, or goals and objectives.

5. If you propose to plan a program, define your theoretical framework and discuss where the program will be implemented.

6. Explain why you want to conduct your proposed project and describe what need your project will satisfy.

7. Finally, describe the product of the project (demonstration product)*.

Examples of Demonstration Product (Deliverable) formats*:

1) Presentation: Examples include a PowerPoint, Prezi, research poster, infographic.

2) Written: Examples include a manuscript (entire or relevant excerpt), policy brief, program plan, community assessment, fact sheet, brochures, and data collection instrument.

3) Audio/visual: Examples include recorded presentations, multi-media content, social media campaigns, webinar sessions, web/app development, and podcasts.

*Students should consult with internship coordinator about concerns or questions about the choice of demonstration or upload format.


1. For secondary data analysis, describe the existing data you will use.

2. If you propose to work with quantitative data, what comparisons will you make and/or what statistical tests will you use? If you plan to work with a qualitative data, will you conduct a content analysis or perform another type of qualitative analysis?

3. If you propose to plan a program, describe where the program will be implemented.

Final Report

As applicable, the actual product/deliverable must be accompanied by a concise final report including the following sections