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Healthcare Profession

Topic 1: Disease Process Write an imaginary case study for your hypothetical patient. Explain how the patient moved through the healthcare delivery system. With respect to the costs you calculated last week, describe how the patient will pay for the cost of treatment. Analyze the healthcare delivery system as illustrated in this case. What problems […]

Healthcare Treatment Options For Anxiety Disorders

For this Assignment, view the case study titled “Anxiety Disorder Case Study: Mary.”Assume the role of a mental health professional to respond to the client call. Review the medication that the psychiatrist prescribed and explain the expected effects and side effects of its use. Plan a treatment strategy. In a 3-page, APA-formatted paper with references, […]

Importance Of Credentialing To Patients

HSA 532 Assignment Title:Managed Care Quality Due: 4/9/19 Purpose Groups will be assigned key concepts in quality as it relates to Managed Care.Each group will take a deeper dive into the assigned topic and provide content found by research, interviews, and or personal observation of this topic. Logistics Each group was assigned a topic at […]

Importance of Performance Appraisal Systems Analysis

The most important resource in any health care organization is the people. One of the many ways that management can improve individual performance is with a viable appraisal system. With that in mind, respond to the following: Explain the importance of performance appraisal systems. Compare and contrast 2 different methods of performance appraisal (e.g., trait […]

the differences between leadership and followership

You have been working on a busy orthopedic unit for 6 months. The average patient length of stay in the unit is 4 to 7 days. The program from which you have graduated has subsequently graduated a new class, and three of the new graduates are coming to work on your unit. The nurse manager […]

Chemical Dependency Program

Develop a short sales presentation of 7–10 minutes about a chemical dependency program that you would make to an employee assistance professional of a large company. Use YouTube or screencast to record your presentation. You may use graphics and images, but they must enhance the presentation and not detract from it.

Benefits of Horizontal Merger in Health Care

Within the Discussion Board area, write 400 words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas. Mergers and acquisitions are gaining popularity as the health care industry continues to […]

Responding to Social Health Needs

” Responding to Social Health Needs “ Please respond to the following: Identify at least 2 ways the law has been used to respond to health-harming social needs in health communities. Do you feel the response was effective? What changes would you recommend as a healthcare regulator? Justify your rationale.

Application of Statistics in Health Care

Statistical application and the interpretation of data is important in health care. Review the statistical concepts covered in this topic. In a 750-1,000 word paper, discuss the significance of statistical application in health care. Include the following: Describe the application of statistics in health care. Specifically discuss its significance to quality, safety, health promotion, and […]