Nurse- Patient Relationship Theories

Week Three – Early Conceptualizations About Nursing /Nurse- Patient Relationship Theories Due: Saturday @ 2359

· Welcome to week three of your nursing theory course. As we progress, this week’s reading assignments from your Smith and Parker textbook will include progression into Section II which includes Conceptual Influences on the Evolution of Nursing Theory. Please read and reflect upon the following assignments:

Chapter 5: Early Conceptualizations About Nursing

Let us review the works of Wiedenbach (conceptualizations of nursing), Henderson (who believed in the categorizations of functions that pertained to patient care), and Hall (who envisioned three overlapping circles of care – person, body, and disease from crisis to rehabilitation) that introduced nursing theory and explore the importance of nurse-patient relationships (Smith & Parker 2015).

Chapter 6: Nurse-Patient Relationship Theories

This reading assignment focuses on conceptualizations by Travelbee, a former nursing educator, (who practiced psychiatric/mental health care) that serves as a framework that delineates the nurse-patient interaction. Remembering that patients or clients are exceptional and nursing care is delivered across several stages (Smith & Parker, 2015).

This week we will move forward with the discussion of concepts related to these theorists. I hope that you will enjoy your reading assignments and discussion interactions.

After completion of your week 3 reading assignments, please engage in the classroom discussion posts. This assignment is worth one point.

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Smith, M. C., & Parker, M. E. (2015). Nursing theories and nursing practice. Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis.

Ernestine Wiedenbach

Virginia Henderson – Nursing Theorist            

Lydia Hall Nursing – Nursing Theory

Joyce Travelbee – Nursing Theory