Human Right

B. Reflection: Written Component

· Must also be written following APA format.

· Each student will write the answers to four questions.

· Each question number, question, and the answer will be written separately, but on the same document.

· Students must attach the printed and previously approved article behind the reflection.

· Each response must have at least five sentences.

Reflections Questions

1. Why did you select this article on human rights violations? Explain why it was meaningful to you personally. Why did this article catch your attention? Is it related to your life in any way? How?

2. List violations of at least three human rights that are related to this incident. Include the number of the human rights article and the short version of the written article. Explain why and how the human rights violation is related to each article.

3. Why do you think these violations occurred or are occurring? Who is violating these human rights and why? Explain at least two possible reasons.

List and explain three physical and psychological aspects in which these human rights violations affect the victims?