Healthcare Systems Survey

APA requirements: None – you’re applying what you’ve learned in your final paper(!).

A. Watch “Sick Around the World” a 56-minute PBS video.…

BNow, let’s compare and contrast some features of various country’s health care policy. Navigate to

Each student will select USA to evaluate

Each student will select TWO OTHER COUNTRIES to evaluate

Complete the following table with the key points from each healthcare system domain

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Healthcare domain United States Country #1 Country #2
Role of government
Who is covered and how is insurance financed?
What is covered?
How is the delivery system organized and financed?
What are the major strategies to ensure quality of care?
What is being done to reduce disparities?
How are costs contained?
What major innovations and reforms have been introduced?

C. Based upon your assessment above, what strategies can you recommend for the U.S. healthcare system? How might we provide healthcare services in better alignment with the Triple Aim of better care, at a lower cost, for all persons