Healthcare Ethical Issues and Human Rights in Underdeveloped Countries

For this paper the student will choose one topic from either of the two main subject areas of: 1) Description of a Health System 2) Global Health Issue The paper will be 5 to 6 pages (excluding the title page and reference page) and written in APA format. A minimum of six (6) current references (within the last five years) should be cited on the reference list. This paper will be submitted via TURN-IT-IN on the course Blackboard website. After submission, a rating of 0-15% similarity will be considered acceptable. Over 15% will not be considered acceptable. A) Healthcare Delivery System of a Country (Choose your country from the list below). You should attempt to answer the following questions in your paper: 1. How is health care delivered? Ex. in hospitals, private clinics, public clinics? 2. How is health care acquired? Ex. private pay, insurance, government subsidy? 3. Who pays for health care? Ex. if insurance is available does the employer pay, or is privately purchased? 4. How is the population cared for when chronically ill? Ex. family members, hospitals for rehabilitation, private houses who care for the ill? 5. How is the population cared for when dying? Ex. family members? Hospice? At home or hospital? 6. How is the patient selected to have a procedure done or not? Ex. Is the patient able to decide how to be treated? You may choose one of the following Countries to explore their Healthcare System: Mexico, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Cuba, France, Spain, Germany, Israel, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Belgium, Ecuador, Haiti, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, United Arab Emirates B) Global Health Problem – Choose from the following issues and discuss how they affect the world. Include examples and statistics which show how underdeveloped countries as well as developed countries are affected. 1. Environmental Health 2. Maternal & Child Health 3. Nutrition 4. Ethical Issues/Human Rights