health insurance coverage

health insurance coverage

Step 1 Consider the scenario.

Imagine that you need to submit a proposal for an informative speech about one topic of your choice. If your proposal is accepted, you will have 30 minutes to present your speeches.

Step; 2 Choose a topic and create a title for your speech based on the chosen topic.
 3 State the general purpose for this topic.

 4 State the specific purposes for the topic.

5 Write the thesis statement.

 6 Identify and generate a minimum of three (3) main points you will discuss in the speech.

 7:  Generate a question that would reflect the audience’s concern about your topic.

 8:  Enter the thesis statement, question, and main points into a Word document using the format in the example shown here:


Thesis Statement: The government should (or should not) provide health insurance coverage to all citizens.

Question: Why should the government provide health insurance coverage to all citizens?

Main Points:

  • Health care is prohibitively expensive for citizens without health insurance.
  • The first question you are asked when you call most doctors’ offices in the United States is, “What type of insurance do you have?”

People without health insurance may be unable to get the health care they need.