Future Issues and Nursing Education

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Culture is based on the society and its norms. The society where people do live according to their settled standards make their culture. When it comes to multi cultures so there is a big diversified values. In the same way when people from different societies got some illness so this is based on their cultural values too. Some people are adaptive to care and some are not. Following the trend when it comes to health care professionals and nurses so they have to understand the behaviour of people based on their culture ( Challenges of Cultural Diversity in Health Care 2019).

Nurses should be taught about different cultures and about their perceptions. A nurse should have a deeper understanding about dealing with a tough situation. If a nurse is going to be appointed in any place or area so she should have complete information about those people. In advanced nursing some latest technologies can be used for dealing with issues. For instance, a nurse can scroll the internet to find about behaviour of a society where she has to perform duty. She can even ask help from the neighborhood nurses as well. That is how advanced nursing can help the nurses.

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-Future Issues and Nursing Education

Nursing education is always evolving to suit the needs of the current time. It is imperative that nurses continue to develop their critical thinking and creative skills to be able to adapt to the always, rapidly changing health care system (McEwen, et al, 2018). In today’s society, we can see people becoming nurse that are of all cultures, and backgrounds. It is a wonderful thing to be a field that is so culturally diverse, as it also allows for better rapport with patients that may be of the same race and/or ethnicity. Nurses that are bilingual are invaluable in the medical field.

Future plans to improve nursing education are: shift to competency-based curricula, integrate teaching and learning in classroom and clinical settings more effectively, promote interprofessional education and focus on “knowledge management” (McEwen, et al, 2018). I believe that with an increased improvement in the nursing education programs, that it will also promote health for patient care in the health care system.