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As you reach the final week of your MAED capstone experience, select one of the seven MAED program outcomes and share a concrete illustration of demonstrated learning mastery you have achieved during your degree program experience. Use the course readings to substantiate any assertions made as to how your example demonstrates learning mastery for the selected program outcome and illustrates reflective practice. Include any additional reflections as to how you will continue to demonstrate mastery of the program outcomes going forward into your career.

MAED Program Outcomes: Analyze basic and educational needs of diverse learners within the context of a community.Identify and apply components of differentiated instructions within the classroom in delivering core content to multiple learning needs. Analyze and implement assessment strategies for the educational setting and program improvement. Implement research principles in the design and delivery of instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners. Demonstrate knowledge of designing effective curriculum and instructional processes within the educational setting. Apply leadership principles in advancing classroom practices for diverse learning needs within the profession. Demonstrate reflective and critical analyses of curriculum and instructional delivery models in meeting the needs of diverse learners.