4 page Psychology paper

  Topic- Any topic from the power point


The paper should be set up as follows: Clearly write your name, date, class Descriptive Title introduction Body Conclusion/Agreement or disagreement with research you have read on your paper topic.  You must be convincing either way or bring up good sound points.   APA Format

You should use 3-5 sources of information.  Only 1 of those sources can be on-line,  No Kendra Cherry.


 Include a bibliography in alphabetical order 


Position and   exceptions, if any, are clearly stated. Organization of the argument is completely and clearly outlined and   implemented. 



Research selected is   highly relevant to the argument, is presented accurately and completely – the   method, results, and implications are all presented accurately; Theory is   relevant, accurately described and all relevant components are included;   relationship between research and theory is clearly articulated and accurate.



Conclusion is   clearly stated and connections to the research and position are clear and   relevant. The underlying logic is explicit.



Paper is coherently organized,   and the logic is easy to follow. There are no spelling or grammatical errors   and terminology is clearly defined. Writing is clear and concise and persuasive.