food in us course

This assignment is worth up to 12 extra points. You have your choice of writing a review of a (1) cooking show,(2) 2 restaurants and/or festivals or (3) a food-related movie. Shows like Man vs. Food, a show from the Food Network, PBS shows (like Lydia’s Kitchen) are good choices. Movies? Think Chocolat, Ratatouille (No Willy Wonka), Julie and Julia, Soul Food… There are a lot to choose from. If you have a question as to whether something would qualify, email me. Post as usual with reply-submit).

FORMAT For Cooking Shows or Movies:

1. Your Name
2. What you are reviewing and its name/title. Why you selected it.
3. What it was about, types of foods included, major characters if applicable.

4A. For MOVIES Also answer: How food related to the theme or how it was a major part of the movie. Did it reflect place at all?

4B. For SHOWS Also answer: Did the show give you insights into places, techniques or types of food? Any personal tidbits? Explain.

Provide at least 1/2 page. Spell check.

FORMAT for Restaurants or Festivals:

In many of the papers to date, there has been interest in learning about places to go that would allow you to try foods, and papers that have mentioned specific restaurants. Here’s your chance to help those who want to travel, and to create a class “Places to Go” guide that involves food and geography. I want TWO examples and these can be places/food establishments/festivals/restaurants. Post your response to these (and please use the numbers!):

Example 1
1. Your name
2. Name of the restaurant, festival, or place (such as the wharf or boardwalk)

3. Where it is located

4. How you came across it and what it means to you

5. What you should order/eat there and why

Now do the same for #2 using another example.

Make sure you spell check for maximum points.







assignment price: 10$