In this assignment, you will prepare and record a lecture/podcast that you would deliver to a target group to educate them about the role of nutrition in behavior and mental health, with information specifically for that target group. Your challenge will be to prioritize and communicate clearly the information that they need to make sound nutritional choices, and ensure that they understand why those choices are important, including any relevant consequences of malnutrition.

Your lecture should include evidence and support from your own scholarly research, but use the relevant resources listed above as a starting point. These resources are provided because they may be good models for educational lectures, and because these are the sorts of videos that these groups might come across if they were doing research for themselves. It will be helpful for you, as a developing expert in this field, to have insight into what basic understanding your target group may already have.

Choose one target group from the following:

The elderly

Preschool children

Pregnant and nursing women

Extreme endurance athletes

Members of the Jainism religious group

Remember to be wary of myths and misinformation about these groups!

Length: 10-15 minutes; submit 1-3 page lecture script, with reference list.


References: Include a minimum of five scholarly resources