Food Culture And Tradition In Korea

According to Harris, Lyon and McLaughlin: “…everything about eating including what we consume, how we acquire it, who prepares it and who’s at the table – is a form of communication rich with meaning. Our attitudes, practices and rituals around food are a window onto our most basic beliefs about the world and ourselves” (Harris, Lyon and McLaughlin, 2005, pp. VIII-IX).

In this paper , you will examine food consumption on a deeper than concrete level and is inclusive of yet goes beyond sustenance, recipes and/or taste in Kore.

Specifically, please consider the following when you draft the paper:

●Highlight the cultural and social significance of food and “eating” in Korea
●Describe people’s attitudes, practices and rituals around food, such as food traditions, food patterns eating habits, and dining etiquette
●Identify at least three basic beliefs that have shaped the food culture and been expressed in people’s attitudes, practices and rituals towards food in Kore (e.g. gender/family/work roles; ideas about nutrition and health; family values; tradition; relationship to nature and surroundings)
●Synthesize the meanings of food and “eating” in Kore
Please have the following requirements in mind when crafting your paper

●Your paper writing should be a cohesive research paper, not a Q&A session
●Use at least THREE references from library resources and credible online sources to support your opinion.
●Use APA styles for citations and references
●The final draft should be at least 500 words. However, depth matters more than length