Emerging and Expensive Health Technology

Emerging and Expensive Health Technology

With rapidly emerging and expensive health technology, how will you continually attract the most skilled clinicians and sophisticated patients to your cost-efficient healthcare facility? Explain the tactics you will employ and the purposes they serve.

When you respond to your peers, offer alternative methods for achieving the results they believe their proposed tactics will achieve. Be sure to provide a strong rationale and cite sources where appropriate.

Please answer the discussion post (200 words) and respond too peers, (50-100 words each).Please cite APA 7th edition.

Peers #1

Hospitals can compete for physicians and better patients by offering more highly trained support staff, better equipment, more services, better amenities, or discounted prices. Catering to the patient’s needs and offering services not requested is attractive to the consumer (Purcarea, 2019). For example, if I am a newly diagnosed diabetic offering a meter is not enough. Signing me up for a diabetic education class and referring a nutritionist and an endocrinologist would be sufficient to meet the needs of the patient. Marketing plays an essential role in helping healthcare professionals to create, communicate, and provide value to their target market. Modern marketers start from customers rather than from products or services (Purcarea, 2019). There are certain benefits expected from the supplier, such as quality care, lower healthcare costs, and customer satisfaction. Advertising on television and radio has been a way of advertising for years, and it still works. I applied for my first healthcare job as a Surgical Technologist after seeing a television commercial. This is an opportunity to pick and choose and draw in qualified healthcare providers by advertisement.

Peers #2

Technology is evolving and being integrated to every aspect of our lives. Health care is no different, and with the rapidly growing field of health care technology, physicians and patients are pulled in every direction. To attract the most skilled physicians and sophisticated patients there are a few things that can be done. The first step is to implement electronic medical records. Younger physicians are more familiar with technology and are more likely to be attracted to a health care facility that is seamlessly integrated technology with patient care. Electronic medical records will also attract patients because the electronic records give them greater control and interaction with the care they receive. A health care facility that is strong with technology is conducive to a healthier work-life balance. Technology allows for physicians to work outside of the office and have flexible schedules, which is important in today’s day and age. Younger patients are also more likely to return to a health care facility that fits into their lifestyle. Because the younger generation is centered around technology, the ability to request prescriptions remotely, check into appointments on a mobile device, and have telehealth appointments will attract sophisticated patients and keep them returning. According to Pucarea (2019), patient satisfaction must be the main objective of any healthcare organization. In my opinion, I would be more attracted to a healthcare practice that is implementing technology on all fronts.