Effects of Smoking on Health Discussion

I’m studying for my Health & Medical class and need an explanation.


This week, development of print materials was reviewed in connection with methods and techniques that enhance effectiveness. For the discussion board this week you will review print materials for the CDC’s Tips From Former Smokers Campaign:

  • First, research smoking behavior and report measures of prevalence specific to two populations (e.g. 28% of American Indians smoke) and three health challenges (disease/disability) that result from this behavior. Include relative statistics.
  • Next, students will discuss determining readability and addressing diversity of print materials (see Chapter 9).
    • Determining readability: Discuss two of what you feel are the most important aspects to create a document that is easier to read
    • Addressing diversity: Why is ensuring materials are culturally conducive important? Then, describe one strategy health educators can use to create accurate materials.
  • Then, review the CDC Matte Articles used in the Tips From Former Smokers Campaign. Using the attached SMOG readability index below, choose a matte article to apply the SMOG tool to.
    • Report the outcome of the SMOG assessment to the matte article. What grade level did the assessment reveal?
    • Health material should be written at a 6th to 8th grade level, does the article comply with this?
    • Did the article seem to address diversity in connection to the group it was created for? Why or why not?

Reply and discuss with your colleagues in the peer response posts. Do you find their research and outcomes interesting? How may the written material they reviewed be improved?


  • You are required to use at least THREE sources from the text, government reports, peer-reviewed journal articles, additional textbooks and the CDC and Smog Formula resource.
  • Use your OWN WORDS (e.g., do not cut and paste from a government report or article).
  • Paraphrase (use your own words) to report the information.
  • Include APA formatted in-text citations to identify your sources AND include full APA formatted references for your sources at the end of your post.