Ageing and its Impact on Health and Wellbeing Interview Questions

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Older Adult Interview

How have older people today handled aging?

This assignment requires you TO TALK DIRECTLY (either in person, via telephone or email) to an older adult – at least 65 years old or older. Specific items to be included:

a) Name, age, marital status, and relationship of this individual to you (family, neighbor, etc.), as well as where he or she lives currently.

b) Include information on when and how the individual retired (or plans to, if at all.) c) What the individual enjoys doing in later life and what activities have they had to give up if any?

d) How he or she relates to younger family members or the younger generation in general.

e) What changes has he or she seen occur during his/her lifetime that they believe have influenced their life?

f) What are some historical events that they believe are unique to their generation?

g) What health and non-health challenges has he or she encountered as he or she ages (or anticipates may encounter)

h) Have his or her living arrangements changed at all (home, apartment, assisted living, caregivers, etc.)

i) How does the elder feel about getting older?

j) What does he or she believe has contributed to his or her wisdom?

k) What one piece of advice would the older adult want to share with others about aging and life?

Lastly, you will reflect on the interview and use references to support your thoughts/opinions about aging today.

This assignment should be 3-5 pages. The assignment should be written in APA format, (please include a cover page and references as needed)