coverage for health care

Nursing 510

Week 1

Discussion Prompt 1

Discuss your position regarding access to and coverage for health care. Are we obligated to provide access to and coverage for health care for all Americans as an entitlement (a right), or should health care be considered a commodity that is subject to the influences of economic, social, and market demand (supply and demand)? Be sure to include the rationale for your position in your discussion.

Discussion Prompt 2

What are the barriers to nurses’ participation in the development of health care policy at the state or national level or in an organization in the United States? Why do you think these are barriers? Support your opinion with a rationale or example.

APA and References.

  Week 1 Public Policy Meeting Approval

Click here to submit your public policy meeting approval.

Create a thread seeking approval for your public policy meeting. Choose a meeting to view or attend. It must be a public policy body at work and related to health care. If it is a recorded meeting, please make sure it has been posted within the last year.

Click on this forum, then click ‘Create New Thread’. Title the thread with your name and the name of the policy meeting. For example:  Janice Smith: Affordable Health Care Policy Meeting

In the body of the thread, include

· the title or topic focus of the policy meeting

· the date and time of the meeting

· the location of the meeting (if online, include the website). Some websites are: (search the video library or the live sessions) (perform a search for your topic)

. Your local government or healthcare organization websites

We need to find a public meeting topic, some of the them that I now have been approved, it is just to give you an idea. Once the topic is approval we will need to right and essay for the next assignment, now is just the topic with the date and time that take place.

Senate Hearing on Corporate Liability during the corona virus pandemic.

Proposal to achieve universal health care coverage

White house coronavirus task force testifies on coronavirus response and responding phase

Senate health committee hearing on health care cost act