Active Shootings in Health Centers Case

The Topic is an Active shooting in MedStar Washington Hospital Center!

Final Paper/Case Study:. Each student will be required to write a 6‐9 page (approximately 3000 words) case study on a hospital/healthcare response to a crisis or disaster. The case study must include detailed analysis of the hospital/healthcare setting, the disaster/crisis, assessment of site/location capabilities, evaluation of response challenges and outcomes, and your proposed solutions to the identified challenges. Do NOT just regurgitate the event details, provide solutions and be persuasive. The final paper should demonstrate knowledge of the event and the critical thinking skills needed to respond and recover. Format should be APA in 12 Point Times Roman font; double spaced.

One of the best approaches to this is to apply WHY method where you ask your self why at least five times and answer those questions


Lesson learned

and the most importantly as an Emergency Manager what would I would do if the case took place today!

what I handle you the hospital keys what would you do!