Workflow Redesign in Outpatient Multi Physician Group Setting

We are creating a workflow redesign in an outpatient multi-physician group setting switching from paper to electronic health records. My section that I’m redesigning is for

. I need a document that fulfills the following and I also need a redesign flow chart. I will upload everything that I have to work from. My area in the redesign is for Answering phones, flows for different types of phone calls. I also need a redesign flowchart for my area, answering phones, flows for different types of phone calls. I will include those instructions at the very bottom.

Once you have researched your topic for workflow redesign using the Workflow Redesign Process Guide, document the process you have gone through to develop your new workflow.

Your documentation should include the following information:

  • The workflow process you are redesigning: Answering phones, flows for different types of phone calls
  • The stakeholders in the process
  • The process steps:
    • where does the process start and end
  • who are the customers in the process
  • map the process before the redesign (list each step)
    • Step analysis:
      • identify the steps where there are bottlenecks in the work
      • determine where technology can help
      • identify steps and/or tasks that need to be checked or reviewed or are multistep processes
  • Provide a summary of the step analysis of the current process (For example: how many steps are in the process, how many steps are contingent on another department or process.)
  • New Process based on your step analysis with an explanation of the changes. (For example: In the current process we gathered paper documentation from the floor, due to the adoption of an electronic medical record, this step has been eliminated.)