Week 3 Assignment 2 Final Draft of Descriptive Essay

******* I have attached my rough Draft of Descriptive Essay please use the attached for the final draft*****************


Assignment 2: Final Draft of Descriptive Essay

You have been working on your descriptive essay, revising and expanding it since receiving feedback last week. In addition to the peer reviews from classmates and the advice you received from your instructor, it was recommended that you visit Smarthinking for additional feedback from one of their tutors.

The goal of the descriptive essay is to paint a picture with your words. By using sensory details, you can make a scene come alive for your reader. The descriptive details you choose to include (what you see, hear, taste, smell, feel, etc.) will result in a vivid reading experience.

As you revise, be sure to work on organizing your ideas and developing descriptive details in your supporting examples. Include an introduction with a thesis statement (your main point), at least one body paragraph with descriptive details (more paragraphs are welcome), and a concluding paragraph. Fin