Chapter 10, as well as your required resources, address employee attitudes and suggest that an increase in job performance is reliant on job satisfaction. The authors of our text suggest that highly satisfying jobs are more complex, requiring the worker to utilize a variety of skills and to deal with unpredictable situations (i.e. teaching, managing, engineering, etc.), unlike jobs where the work is repetitive and less thought-provoking (general laborers, factory workers, and the like). In addition, the work expectations are suggested to differ based on generations, which may likely also affect job satisfaction.

Consider the generation you      fall into, based on the text:

The       Traditionalists or Matures The Baby       Boomers Generation X Generation Y       or the Millennials Generation Z Consider your own expectations.      Do they align with what the content and outside sources suggest about the      characteristics of these generational groups? Applying this component (work      expectations), consider you own goals for going back to school. Do your      goals align with these expectations? Do you think your      educational/career goals align with the suggestions about job      satisfaction? Do you desire to obtain a higher-level thinking career? If      so, why? If not, why not? After analyzing all of the      factors, what do you think the implications might be on an organization’s      productivity with the evolving employee expectations, need for work-life      balance, and job satisfaction? 

Do you think       we will see changes in the future of how organizations achieve these       goals? How? Consider a goal you might      assign to a group at your work, the organization where you volunteer, or      other potential organization. (Examples: (a) to decrease the errors in      timecard submissions, or (b) to successfully submit a group project      to the instructor.) Applying Chapter 9, what potential strategies would be      important to consider to assist a diverse multi-generational team in      deciding on possible strategies and successfully meeting the goal?

Your initial post should be between 350 and 400 words.