various injuries and how to treat and recover from them

Injury Research Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to explore various injuries and learn how to treat and recover from them. Choose an injury of your choice.

❖ Example of bone, joint or extremity injuries -20 pts

● Dislocation of a specific joint

● Fracture of a specific bone

● Sprain of a specific joint

● Strain of a specific muscle

● Concussion

❖ Mechanism of the injury (How does the injury happen) – 40 pts

❖ Joints, muscles, ligaments involved- 40 pts

❖ Treatment/Care for the injury- 40 pts

❖ Estimated Recovery times -10 pts

❖ Exercises/ Stretches to strengthen the joint or muscle- 30 pts

❖ 3 sources minimum AMA format- 20 pts Reference entries should be listed and numbered in the order they were cited in your paper. If the citation extends to a second line, do NOT indent (as in APA)