types of health care spending

510 Week 3 Discussion Board.

Our health care system is a big business, and the forces that are reshaping the system are largely economic. Service missions have been altered or they have merely disappeared, and new organizations have become important influences in the health care delivery system today. This week’s assignments offer a comprehensive overview of the complex health care delivery system in which nurses practice and policy approaches to address problems of cost, quality, and access.

Discussions Board

Discussion Prompt 1

Identify three components of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that went into effect in 2014 and discuss their impact or potential impact on the practice of nursing and medicine. Be specific as to what the provision states, who it affects, and the impact that it may have.

Discussion Prompt 2

Describe a type of health care spending that you consider wasteful or services that you consider have little or no benefit. Explain why you find the spending wasteful, and if eliminated, what impact it may have on the American public.

APA and references as well.