Tweet Disease Control and Prevention from The Coronavirus Outbreak

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Create a CD post as if it were to post to twitter for your organization – this post is about being creative and thinking about how you might make a tweet. To create a post, you can search for a news article, you can re-tweet from another organization, you can use data or stories from your textbook, or you can download any of the CDC social media toolkit (Links to an external site.) memes. Your post can be ‘global’ or focused on a specific country. Think about some #hashtags that you might want to include.

**Keep in mind that every tweet must be 280 characters (not words but characters – so each letter is a character)… this is why tweets are short. If you want to write more, then you have to create a series of tweets.

You can save the tweet as a screenshot and upload it as an attachment or picture to the post OR you can just provide the “tweet” text and a link to an article. link of the tweeter.