Treatment Method for Plasmodium Falciparum Malaria Essay

Treatment Method for Plasmodium Falciparum Malaria Essay

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Assignment 3

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Assignment Three

Task Description Critical Review of a Journal Article

Pfeil J, Borrmann S, Bassat Q, Mulenga M, Talisuna A, and Tozan Y. 2015 An Economic Evaluation of the Posttreatment Prophylactic Effect of Dihydroartemisinin–Piperaquine versus Artemether–Lumefantrine for First-Line Treatment of Plasmodium falciparum Malaria across Different Transmission Settings in Africa American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 93(5) pp. 961–966

Please note this critical review must include economic evaluations we encourage you to prepare by using the material as outlined in your Assessment criteria

Assessment criteria To assist you in providing a balanced review of the work and help you incorporate what you have learnt to date for a systematic and constructive academic discussion.

  1. Align your work with the assessment criteria/ rubric.
  2. To prepare for this critical review you are required to read a chapter from your text book by Drummond, M. and co authors Chapter 3 Critical assessment of Economic Evaluation pp27-53 or New Drummond edition, actually pages 40-76 [CAM628 Library Reading List]
    Health Economic Evaluation Reporting Standards (CHEERS) statement

  3. There is also a CASP tool available for you with 12 points designed to help you think about the issue of validity, how the costs and consequences were assessed and compared and if the results help in purchasing services for local people.

*Please note that the format of your essay should be a free flowing essay,

do not format it as the templates above, CHEERS and CASP are only tools to

assist you identify key points of the paper and help design your discussion.

Criteria and standards are set out in criteria sheets (rubrics) and are available in MyLO

Guide to assignment writing is available through the following websites



3. Reference Style: For this Unit only Harvard style or Vancouver style will be accepted.

Referencing and assignment writing: Online help for study & writing

Links to unit’s intended learning outcomes 1,2,3,4
Task length 2000 words