theological anthropology

Similar to the academic paper, but broken down into five one-page analyses of how the topics of theological anthropology, science and creation, liberation and theology, ecclesiology, and Jesuit education each reflect the Jesuit ideals and mission, followed by a one-page summary of how the topics of the course lend to the Jesuit vision and its relevance for students in Jesuit higher education.

The papers should be academic in nature, which is to say that they should be informative and not reflective or personal. They should represent the material accurately, and make use of the course resources. Papers should cite the resources found in the course, but need not utilize outside resources. They should reflect your understanding of the topics as covered in the class, and all references should be cited.

This option will allow you to complete the assignment as you go through the course, rather than a comprehensive paper to be completed at the end of the course. Still, the approach to the paper is similar in that it is an academic paper, not a reflection paper.