the role of sexuality in that culture

Week 8 – Heterosexism

Choose a topic below and discuss the role of sexuality in that culture. You can choose particular people or divide the periods or tribes up to write this.

1) Ancient Greeks and sexuality (1500 BCE – 200 CE)

2) Native Americans and the third sex (1400 – 1800 CE)

3) Ancient Romans and homophobia (300 BCE – 500 CE)

4) Christianity and homophobia (300 – 1600 CE)

5) Islam and homophobia (662 – 1600 CE)

6) Modern homophobia in the United States (1960 – 2000)

7) Homosexuality in India (1940 – 2009)

8) The AIDS crisis (1983-1993)

9) Castro District – San Francisco (1940-1985)

10) Yoruba Culture and Homosexuality (1500-2000)

11) Any topic of your choosing with professor approval


Answer the following questions in numerical format (#1-6). 2-3 pages. MLA format. 12 Font Times New Roman only.

All work must be properly cited and unless otherwise noted; do not include pure opinion.

1. Outline the basic history of the event(s). You can use a timeline or write it out.

1. How did your society or era perceive sexuality in general and homosexuality in particular?

1. What role did religion play in perceived norms on sexuality and homosexuality?

1. What values, beliefs and attitudes are reflected in the role of sexuality in your topic?

1. What were the benefits, punishments, detriments to not adhering to your topic’s norms?

1. How did your topic’s views on sexuality influence modern American perceptions and values, beliefs and attitudes.