The Pursuit of Happiness

General: Read the article listed in the “Essay” section entitled, “The Happiness of Pursuit.” After viewing each question, go back into the article and isolate the questions and reread the article looking for answers to the specific questions. Write a 65 word minimum essay to each question. Responses can be as long as you think is necessary. A minimum word response (65 words) on each question is usually correlated with no better grade than a “5.” Use standard written English in your response to each question. question 1)Identify three research methods used to accumulate the data which served as the basis for this article. Name one strength and weakness associated with each research method.question2) Draw three conclusions that can be deduced from the graphs or charts presented in the article. Question 3) In the study done by Lieberman & Morelli, what were the physiological and psychological processes involved in the study.� Elaborate fully on the physiological and psychological processes by providing ample description and details.question 4) In the quote by Morelli, “Being distracted reduces our empathy for others and blunts responses in the brain,” what are three implications of this quote for civic engagement.�Question 5) Grammar will be evaluated based on the following areas: subject/verb agreement; appropriate verb tense; fragments (suject or verb missing from the sentence); run-on sentences (two sentences joined together incorrectly without a comma and/or a coordinating conjunction (FANBOYS); comma splice (two sentences joined together incorrectly with only a comma).� Syntax is defined as the creation of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language.