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School Readiness

I chose an article that describes the impact of transitional kindergarten and kindergarten readiness. The article shows research that researchers compared with; language, literacy, mathematics, executive functioning, and social-emotional skills at kindergarten entry for students who attended transitional kindergarten and for those who did not. The main point of this article is to show the effectiveness of the transitional kindergarten program. Researchers found that, “TK has a positive impact on students’ kindergarten readiness in several domains, controlling for students’ age differences. These effects are over and above the experiences children in the comparison group had the year before kindergarten, which for more than 80 percent was some type of preschool program.” (AIR, 2015)

This article relates to what we learned through our week 3, discussion 1 post of The Importance of Play. We learned that play positively effects a child’s development, which would be offered to them in a transitional kindergarten or a preschool setting. We also learned what a developmentally appropriate environment would include to nurture a child’s physical, socio-emotional, cognitive, and language development. A preschool or transitional kindergarten program offers that environment.

The knowledge of knowing that a child entering kindergarten with some type of early education will be developmentally ahead of a child who did not have access to early education. Therefore more one on one time and modifying of curriculum will be needed for a child who has no school readiness experience.

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