the Gospel of Luke

 the Gospel of Luke

Richards/O’Brien Book (Misreading the Scripture with Western Eyes text) – pages 9-23

Luke 1:1-6:11


reading the Gospel of Luke. As you begin to read the Gospel, below are some questions that should guide our discussion this week.  Use any of them, one or as many as you would like to address as the “substance” of your discussion post:

  • What are your initial impressions?
  • What “jumps” out at you in the text?  Are there words that catch your attention?  Historical figures that make you curious?
  • Who do you think “Theophilus” is?
  • If you were to underline or highlight parts of the text because they “impact” you in some way, what verses would you be included?
  • Are there “surprises” in your reading?  In other words, have you seen something this week that is different than what you expected to see (or had heard before that you would see)?
  • Reflect on the first few verses of the gospel text:  what does it mean that there may have been other accounts?  What does that mean?  Who were the eyewitnesses?  How was Luke doing his investigation?  What is the purpose of his writing?

175-200 words