the future of informatics in nursing practice

the future of informatics in nursing practice

Is Simulation the Future Is Simulation the Future of Nursing Education?of Nursing Education?

Nigel Wynne National Teaching Fellow

Senior Academic Learning & TeachingSenior Academic Learning & Teaching Birmingham City University



Disclosure Project Lead for the Virtual Case Creator O li Si l ti k t d Online Simulation workstream – made available to HEI and Health Care Organisations Under LicenseOrganisations Under License

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Birmingham Cityg y



• Acquired University status in 1992 status in 1992

• Approx. 25000 stds • 8 Faculties8 Faculties • New £150m City

Centre Campus



F lt f H lthFaculty of Health • Approx 7000 students• Approx. 7000 students • Nursing (4 branches),

SLT, Radiography, Social Work, ODP’s, Midwifery

• Centre for Defence • Centre for Defence Medicine



BCU Simulation

• 2004 Online simulation

BCU Simulation Milestones

platform (VCC) • January 2005 CETL Status • May 2005 International ay 005 e a o a

Council of Nurses conf. Taiwan

• March 2006 Pitt visit • Sept 2006 NMC Pilot • June 2006 QAA rating • April 2007 Installation of • April 2007 Installation of




BCU Simulation BCU Simulation Milestones

• January 2007 Laerdel HQ • Nov 2007 Laerdel Int.

ConferenceConference • Jan 08 2nd Pitt Visit • March 08 Scoping Exercise

• BU and WU Med • BU and WU Med Schools

• July 08 3rd Pitt Visit: formalise collaborative formalise collaborative projects



The Pendulum That Swung Too Far?Too Far?

• 20th century -Practice Based Learning E l 1990’ P2K • Early 1990’s – P2K and HE

• Peach Report 1999 –Peach Report 1999 Damming Critique

the future of informatics in nursing practice


P ti M k P f tPractice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes PermanentPractice Makes Permanent

Only well supervised practice with constructive feedback that makesconstructive feedback that makes good practice permanent (Nichol, 2006)



Project 2000 and Higher Education IntegrationIntegration

• The development of the “knowledgeable h h d h l f

The development of the knowledgeable doer”

• Focus upon academic disciplines