Texas Common Core Standards paper


One of the most interesting educational trends in our country today is called The Common Core Standards. Even though Texas is one of the few states not participating in this program, I believe ALL educators should have an awareness of programs throughout our country. We are teaching students who are highly mobile. A student in your class today may move to Wisconsin next month, or even to Japan. Will they be able to easily transition to their new school with the curriculum you are teaching in Texas? Will they be more advanced?  Will they have to ‘catch up’? Or will they be ‘right on target’ with their new peers? If YOU move, will you be prepared to teach using these standards?




All of these issues have had a major political impact on American schools.  This is a “hot topic” in the media today.




Therefore, we will focus on Common Core this week. You will be asked to research one of the major websites on this topic, view a video, explore opposition (why did Texas choose not to adopt CC?), and write a reflection of your thoughts on this issue.








Go online to: Common Core State Standards Initiative


                      (This page has a dark blue background with yellow lettering)






Research the internet – Find an article which explores a negative view of CC




The written assignment: Write one paragraph on each of the following points.




Describe the shifts in ELA and Math standards of CC

Explain how CC is applied to students with disabilities

Why are some people/states opposed to CC

What have you learned from your research on this topic