Summative Narratives Discussion

Describe in no less than 200 words what did you gain and how did you grow from group projects in the HSA Program? During the HSA Program were you a group leader/captain in any group you worked with? What did you learn overall from the experience of being a leader/captain? If you were not a leader/captain explain why not. Include a brief statement regarding how you felt about your overall contribution to group projects.

In no less than 150 words, identify your subplan and reflect on how your subplan courses have contributed to your professional development and career readiness. As a whole did your subplan choice affirm your career focus?

In no less than 200 words, comment on what you believe to be your key takeaway from your Capstone Experience and how this experience helped you satisfy the Mission of the HSA Program. Include what was most difficult for you, what was most challenging/rewarding, and how your Capstone and Learning Contract are related to your professional goals.

In no less than 250 words, reflecting back on your HSA program experiences, discuss what you have learned about yourself. Describe what you have discovered about your career path and professional readiness. Were there gaps in the curriculum which might have increased your career readiness (i.e., specific topics or courses).