Summarize chapter 4 of Psychology Core Concepts, 8 TH Edition

Summarize Chapter 4 : Psychology Core Concepts, 8TH, Edition Zimbano, PG; Johnson, RL; McCann, V

Paper should be three pages (not counting cover page or reference page) long, using font Times New Roman #12, single space. APA style..

4: Learning Introduction: Learning 4.1: Key Question: What Sort of Learning Does Classical Conditioning Explain? Psychology Matters 4.1: Conditioned Taste Aversions and Chemotherapy 4.2: Key Question: How Do We Learn New Behaviors By Operant Conditioning? Psychology Matters 4.2: Using Psychology to Learn Psychology 4.3: Key Question: How Does Cognitive Psychology Explain Learning? Psychology Matters 4.3: Fear of Flying Revisited Summary: Learning