Sexual Assault Prevention Program

After hearing that a neighbor’s child, Jeremy, age seven, was sexually assaulted in the local park, the parents of Cherry Hill township decide that their community needs a program to prevent sexual abuse of their children in the future. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation. Your response should be at least 5 -6 slides and include speaker notes for each slide. Please add 3 in-text citations. In addition, make sure you have included a title slide and a reference slide. Address the following questions: 1.) Provide pertinent information parents might like to include in a Sexual Assault Prevention program aimed at the children in their community. 2.) Suggest the psycho-educational and supportive approaches that can be effectively used at the community level, such as in community centers, schools, and social service agencies, to provide this information to the children. 3.) Address issues of gender, diversity, and ethics in your presentation.