Sensory Perception

Choose an illness/disease we covered in class from the following systems; Neurological

Respiratory, Sensory Perception, Skin, Cardiac GU or GI. You will be completing a head to toe

assessment on the patient along with a focused assessment related to the specific system affected

by the illness/disease process.

Identify the following (worth 75 points)

Introduction: begin with the patient scenario (case study) that includes the patient’s past

medical history, and the subjective and objective data that correlates with the disease (use your

textbook as a refresher on what to include in an Physical and nutritional assessment).

Summarize the pathophysiology of the disorder and relate the clinical manifestations of each

back to the pathophysiology.

Evaluate the GI disease including patient history, clinical manifestations, and diagnostic test


Identify the treatment, discuss the patient’s anticipated nutrition needs, and identify alternative

forms of feeding or dietary changes.

Patient teaching to include the disease, the treatment plan, and how evaluation of the

effectiveness of the teaching.

Review nursing diagnoses common to patients with your groups chosen GI disease, determine

the priority of the problems, and discuss interventions appropriate for each diagnosis.

Create three questions (with answer available after students respond) for the class to respond to

at the end of your presentation specific to the disorder.

The content will need to be presented in some form (ppt. work, etc.) AND you will need to

perform the patient scenario. Choose which team members will role play, the patient, nurse, MD,

UAP, etc.

Must include a title slide, an introduction to the topic, and group member names. Reference page

with a minimum of 3 references in APA format.

Remainder 25 points will be divided for: Spelling and grammar, presentation length, look of

presentation including creative ways to engage peer is essential. Required three sources at

minimum and will need to be in APA format.

See Rubric for point breakdown.