Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose

Self Monitoring of Blood Glucose

3-4 pages

Due: 18 hours

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Most importantly, the Reflection Paper should be on your agenda. I have had a few people ask for some clarifications.
The bulk of your reflection paper should be about your thoughts, feelings, reflections on the scenario. Your summary of the teaching scenario should take up only a SMALL part of your paper. The purpose of this paper isn’t to show how much you know about a topic, but to demonstrate that you are able to reflect on your practice.

Here’s a brief example. Let’s pretend I taught someone how to use their insulin pen.
I would describe the interaction (who, where, when, what, why, how, etc….).

For the reflection: I admit I felt nervous going into this appointment. It was the first time I was teaching someone to start insulin. I think my hands were shaking and my voice was shaky. I ensured that I put a warm smile. I think this put the patient at ease, which in turn helped me to relax. I knew, despite being nervous, that I had prepared well for the appointment, reviewing the steps and equipment needed with my colleague…..