Santa Monica College Mirror Tracing Discussion

Mirror tracing is a dramatic way of illustrating several points about the internal representations (maps) in the cortex.Sensory and motor maps are connected, and influence each other.Maps are plastic – they can be easily modified by experience.

Try it for yourself. You will receive three points for completing this assignment.


Download the mirror tracing demonstration

. Print six copies.

Using a pen, trace completely around the star while looking at the reflection of your hand in a mirror. (Stand in front of a bathroom or dresser mirror.) Try to keep your tracing completely between the two lines.Try to avoid lifting the pen from the paper while tracing.

Try doing this three times on the first three copies of the star.

Wait one day.

Then, try it three more times, on the last three copies.

On each of the six copies, count the number of times your pen or pencil crossed either of the lines outlining the star.

Questions: (Click Reply to open a text box to type in your answer.) Late responses will not receive credit.
What are the results for each try?Did you improve? Did you improve between the first three and last three tries?What was your experience when tracing the star? Was it easy? Were you sometimes surprised or frustrated by how your hand moved?If you wish, take pictures of your first and last attempts and upload them with your response.