Roles of Government in Health Services Essay

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Length Required: One double-spaced-page for each question (maximum two pages per question). Use 12 font & New times Roman Numerals.

Book Needed to answer the Questions:

TEXT:Leiyu Shi and Douglas Singh, Essentials of the U.S. Health Care System, 5th edition, 2019, Jones and Bartlett Learning.

Some answers you will find in the text, but most will also require that you reflect on the readings and our discussions. Although each question is associated with a chapter, your answer should include relevant material from other chapters

Chapter 1

What main roles does the government play in the U.S. health services system? (1-2 Pages)

Chapter 2

Discuss the main cultural beliefs and values in American society that have influenced health care delivery and how they have shaped the health care delivery system. (1-2 Pages)

Chapter 3

What purpose is served by understanding the history of health care delivery? What role did science and technology play in transforming medical practice into a legitimate profession? (1-2 Pages)

Chapter 4

In 1900 most health care providers were physicians. Today there are many types of health care workers. What factors are associated with the development of health services professionals in the United States? (1-2 Pages)

Chapter 5

Although medical technology brings numerous benefits, what have been some of the main challenges posed by the growing use of medical technology in the United States? (1-2 Pages)

Chapter 6

Discuss the prospective payment system under DRGs. How has this system changed the delivery of health care in the United States? (1-2 Pages)