Role Play


For this discussion, you will take on the role of a bereaved client and counselor and create a script of a hypothetical counseling session. The script will be at least 20 responses, including 10 from the client and 10 from the counselor. Your responses as the counselor will include crisis intervention techniques. Then, summarize the characteristics of the client’s crisis to state whether the client’s reactions are developmentally appropriate reactions to the situation’s life obstacle. Consider playing up the potential risks and respond to those risks. See the cases provided below.

You will present the following: A brief introduction to the client scenario. Ensure you do not use up your counseling script getting to know each other! The counseling session script. A discussion of the crisis interventions you applied in the session. A discussion of how your client’s developmental life stage affected your application of your chosen approach. A reflection of how you might respond to your selected client.

This discussion response should be a minimum of 500 words and maximum of 700 words.

**Cortez Case:

  The Cortez Family: The husband dies while in his early 50s. The wife has two children at home and one in college. She seems to be functioning normally from outward appearances. The day after the funeral, she goes to her bridge club without noticeable grief.