Role of Business Vision & Mission Statements

Role of Business Vision & Mission Statements

Task 3

The Process of Making Health Policy – State and Local Level

Read Chapter 3 ebook

Governmental structure – State, local, private

Attributes of Health Policy Development in Nonfederal sectors

Check out ideas on developing a mission, philosophy and goals for healthcare policy at a local level.

Review Sample policies

Write a mission statement and philosophy or the clinic. Be sure that it is aligned with state and local policies and addresses the population of prospective clients and needs of the area.

Lesson 3

Activities may be modified by instructor depending on needs of students. However, projects are consistent across all classes. Online students will find details for activities in Important documents.

Activity 1: Case Study: Massachusetts Health Care Reform

Activity 2: Impacting local Health policy

Activity 3: Design a digital way of displaying the steps you took in Activity 2.

Project Assignment:

Research state and local healthcare policies that will affect the policies you develop for the clinic. Address any areas of concern or special circumstances for delivering care for the proposed clients. Pay attention to policies surrounding Medicare and Medicaid as this is managed at a state level.

Develop a consensus Mission statement and Philosophy for clinic based on both the preliminary statements from each team member completed in the task and further research you have just completed.

Set major goals for the clinic.