Risk Communication and Psycho-social Impacts

Risk Communication and Psycho-social Impacts


In your Module 5 folder, you have 3 articles in the folder marked Additional Readings: Risk Communication. The crux of this body of reading has to do with the vital importance of Risk Communication when it comes to disaster communication. Please read at least three of these articles and highlight significant points in the Discussion Board below. If you are interested, do some further research to build on your readings. In your post, please answer the following:

  1. From your reading, what is an example of how psychological distress either WAS mitigated or COULD HAVE been better mitigated via the use of effective risk communication from public officials?
  2. Name a success of risk communication, if you can locate one, and alternatively, name a failure of effective risk communication (and why it was deemed a failure).
  3. What lessons about effective risk communication will you carry forward in your career in emergency management?


Please be sure to follow these guidelines for this discussion:

  • This post does not have to be any particular length or style, but it does need to respond to all of the prompts.
  • You must respond to at least three (3) classmates but you may respond to more if you feel inclined.

Reading assignments are attached below:

  1. Risk Communication: Ebola and Beyond – Risk communication Ebola and beyond(1).pdfACTIONS
  2. SARS and New York’s Chinatown: The Politics of Risk and Blame During an Epidemic of Fear – SARS_NYC_risk_blame(1).pdfACTIONS
  3. Miscommunication During the Anthrax Attacks: How Events Reveal Organizational Failures – oneilletal_anthrax_riskComm.pdfACTIONS
  4. CDC: Crisis Communication – leaders-CrisisComm_CDC.pdf