Respond to two peers

Respond to Peers by Day 7: Review your classmates’ posts, and respond to at least two of your peers. Comment on how your peer can capitalize on their areas of strength, and recommend a plan of action for their areas of opportunity. Each response should be a minimum of 50 words. 

Peer oneThe areas that others identified as my strengths were: team player, go getter, out of the box, caring, forgiving, supporting, organized, confident. I really didn’t have a reaction. I understand most of it because that is me. Out of the box kind of got me but the person who said it is a home body. other than that what was said was not surprising to me and I can say I had no say in these responses.

The areas for improvement were: self esteem, toughen, over thinker, let things be, have to be right, supporting everyone, learn to let go, give up to easy. With self esteem I understood that I feel that I need a lot of physical improvements instead of accepting myself. I was shocked to hear about being an over thinker but when thinking about it I do think a lot before I make a decision. As far as letting things be I think she was gearing to when things happen let it be do try to reopen wombs. Having to be right is a big thing to me that is something that I am trying to work on. Supporting everyone I feel is true some people just don’t deserve my time. I was most shocked about giving up easy but I understand. I need to open my mind about taking other routes to accomplish things.

In comparing the two list my strengths were similar and improvers were not the same. My list for strengths were kind, caretaker, and giver. For my improves I had pushover, finances, and heath. The differences that I noticed was that they think that Im more put together than I think I am. As far as similarities everybody knows that Im nice and that a lot of times people take advantage of it.

A strength that I could capitalize to better in my academics would be organization and that most closely matches the Conscientiousness  Big Five Personality Factor. An opportunity that I can develop to become more successful in school would be to work on not giving up to easy and if the 1st method doesn’t work then try another way. The Big Five Personality Factor that closely matches that is Openness. 
  Peer two:   After interviewing my mother and two friends, I reflected a lot on myself. All three of them basically had the same strengths and weaknesses for me. Persistence, communication, and integrity were chosen as my strengths. I was not shocked by these statements at all, in fact I have used all three examples in a job interview. I never give up on anything until I get the results that I desire so persistence has always been a key trait of mine. I have always felt that I am very good at communicating with people, I have always worked with the public so even in the most hostile situations I feel like I always have a way with my words to resolve situations or even just to get my point across. As for integrity, I have always been a very honest person at work, in school, and in my personal life. 

My areas of improvement were called as impatient, low self esteem, and procrastination. As well as my strengths I will have to say that I agree with these as well for my weaknesses. I hate to admit but I am very impatient and I have carried that trait since I was younger. My self esteem has always been an issue for me and played a big role in my life. It has caused me many of set backs. I have never felt good enough about myself no matter how good my grades are or how much weight I loose it is just never enough for me. Although I feel that I have progressed from such a low self esteem I know that it still shows in my personality sometimes. And last but not least procrastination. I am horrible when it comes to putting things off, even plans with my friends. Now that I am in college I am trying to become better at planning my time so that I don’t have to do things last minute, which I have succeeded in doing so for my assignments. However, all other aspects of my life I am usually last minute completing something.

After making my own list of strengths and weaknesses for myself and then seeing what my friends and family had to say, it all seem to be the same. I know that I have a lot of good qualities for my strengths but i also know that I have a lot of weaknesses that need to be worked on.   

One strength that I can capitalize to become more successful, I feel would be my persistence.  Although I am extremely persistent, I know that there will be days where I feel like throwing in the towel. Especially when my low self esteem kicks in. I have to keep my persistence on top and always remember what I am doing this for and what goals I am trying to reach and remind myself that I have to keep pushing.  I think that openness to experience would be the correct personality factor. 

One area that I could develop would be to improve my self esteem. Self esteem plays a bog part in how we do things. I know that if i felt better about myself and maybe wasn’t so hard on my self, I could be more relaxed and possibly be able to even focus better.